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Plastix Cleaner & Polish

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Plastix Cleaner & Polish


Introducing Plastix Cleaner & Polish by Cleaners in Motion, offered exclusively at
Motorcycle Gadgets. Plastix is a one-step plastic, glass and shiny metal solvent that is
specifically formulated to clean, polish preserve and protect. Plastix is safe, non-toxic
and environmentally friendly. It contains no alcohol or ammonia and can be used on soft
plastics. Its anti-static and high-gloss finish resists fingerprints.

At home, work or on the go, Plastix is safe to use on motorcycles, helmets, face shields, sunglasses, instrument gauges, head lights, tail lights, GPS screens, phones, cameras, iPods, laptops, DVD's, LCD TV's chrome bright metal and all hard shiny surfaces.

The 1 oz. bottle is pocket sized and perfect for cleaning your face shield or sunglasses during a motorcycle ride. The 4 oz. bottle is perfect for cleaning your entire motorcycle after a long ride. Make sure you use our microfiber towels which leave no lint or dust and wipe clean without streaking. Plastix is made in the USA.
- One-step cleaner
- Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
- Alcohol and ammonia free
- Anti-static and high-gloss finish
MG Comments:
You spend a lot of money on your bike and accessories so don't just clean it with soaps
and abrasives. Your helmet and bike windscreens are made of plastic and some cleaners
can dull or change the chemical properties. Plastix is made for these types of surfaces
and provides a clean, clear, polished surface. The 1oz size is perfect for your jacket
pocket. I have one in all my riding jackets with the microfiber towel. The 1oz size gives
you twice as much liquid as that other brand of plastic cleaner pocket size container;
and for a better price. And best of all, our 1oz bottle is refillable. Craig

- Fingerprint resistant
- Safe on lucite, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, acrylic, Acrylite®
- Safe to use on all plastic or glass surfaces

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